Agreement Day Meaning

We often see a definition of «Business Day» in sales contracts and other legal documents, usually to define when an event such as the service of a legal notice or the payment of an amount can occur legally. The idea is that it is somehow uncomfortable to provide an annoying standard message or a school bag with money in a weekend or on vacation if the recipient could enjoy a day on the beach and would not pay attention to the notification or the binder. On the other hand, if you refer to the date of this Agreement, do not refer to the day itself, but to the date indicated as the reference date for the contract. If time is a theme for the performance of contractual obligations, it is advisable to define the term «working day» in the contract. Jose has negotiated and entered into numerous national and international contracts worth millions of dollars regarding the development, acquisition, production, licensing and distribution of content, as well as line talent agreements. Jose teaches media and entertainment law in the digital age at the University of Miami School of Law. I am not claiming that the distinction between day and date influences meaning or legibility. But a guy has to make a choice. I mention this because I had the opportunity to work in a market where the other party insisted on defining Business Day by referring to four different jurisdictions, one of which was New York, but the other three were Colombia, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.