Agreement On The Administration Of Agency Grants And Awards

This RCR framework describes the Agency`s directives and requirements relating to the application and management of Agency funds, the conduct of research and the dissemination of results, as well as the procedures followed by institutions and agencies in the event of a breach of an Agency directive. The provisions of this RCR framework are subject to the specific conditions of the individual funding agreements and the agreement on the management of grants and agency awards by research organisations (the agreement) between the agencies and each institution. There are two types of affiliated organizations for RSF purposes: health research partners and other research partners. As a condition of funding, institutions must have formal and valid agreements with each of their partners in the field of health research. For other types of affiliates, the institution and the Affiliate may choose whether a formal agreement should be concluded. However, in all cases where funds are transferred from the requesting institution (i.e.dem stock exchanges) to a related company, a formal agreement must be concluded prior to the transfer of funds. Recipients of the Canada and Canada Research Chair 150 Research Chairs must date within 12 months of receiving the NOA by the institution. The Secretariat shall withdraw awards that are not accepted within this period. .