Averaging Agreement Calculator

This section allows an employer and an employee to conclude a written agreement on the average working time over a period of one to four weeks. Eligibility and related calculations for overtime and rest periods are included in this section. The employee is scheduled for 40 hours in a one-week agreement. The 5 more than 40 hours worked are calculated in weekly overtime with a regular salary of 1.5 x. In most jobs, the hours you work more than 44 hours a week are overtime. The examples below show the difference between the number of overtime hours you will work with or without a funding agreement, if: the exemption must be taken before the end of the next funding period. If this is not the case, the employer must pay the worker his normal wage for the hours not taken. (8) § 36, para. 1 applies to a financing agreement where the deadline set out in the agreement is 1 week. (9) If the period set out in a resource agreement is longer than one week, the employer shall either terminate a funding agreement at any time by the Director of Employment Standards, taking into account all factors that the Director considers relevant. The calculation of flexible time depends on the fact that overtime is due on average. Overtime hours calculated on a daily and average basis.

Overtime must be paid for the more extensive working time: (3) A working time in an agreement under this Section may not provide for more than the following working hours for the worker: employers may set their new timetable over several weeks. The agreed week is considered a cycle. During the average cycle, normal hours should average 40 hours or less per week over a cycle of up to 12 weeks. Examples are provided below. An employer must notify each worker concerned in writing 2 weeks before the start of the funding agreement, unless both parties agree otherwise. (14) The application and implementation of a funding agreement under this Section should not be construed as an exception described in Section 4. Overtime is to be paid in daily overtime or average overtime. Employers may require or allow workers to work schedules modified by a funding agreement. .

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