Bonding Agreement Traduction

Do you want to add words, phrases or translations? The borrower and its subsidiaries shall (i) have, under one or more commitment agreements, an available commitment capacity of a sufficient level to manage their respective operations in normal times and (ii) comply in all respects with all the conditions set out in each commitment agreement and not allow default under this agreement, as set out in point 6.25 or otherwise authorised. maintain their respective subsidiaries and encourage them to maintain the commitment capacity available under one or more engagement agreements, at a level sufficient to carry out their respective activities in normal times and encourage their respective subsidiaries to comply with all the essential conditions set out in each commitment agreement. How can I pick up my translations in the vocabulary coach? No party to the loan may alter the term of an employment contract in such a way that the property subject to a pledge in favour of Bonding Company is linked to a property which is not directly related to the obligation concerned. The performance and payment guarantee guarantee ensures that the project will be completed as promised in the contact specifications and that all subcontractors and hardware suppliers will be fully paid to protect the project owner. All contractual obligations guarantee the performance and/or payment of the obligations arising from the contract. A contractual obligation is a guarantee that the conditions of the contract are met. If the contractor does not comply with its obligations in accordance with the agreed terms, the owner of the contract may demand, against the loan, peca property damage or a provision of declared delay. .