School Franchise Agreement Pdf

Mr. Manuel. In order to maintain consistent operating standards for a Kids `R` Kids Center and to protect the goodwill of FRANCHISOR, Kids `R` Kids System and Marks, FRANCHISEE is committed to defining the standards set by FRANCHISOR and set in the manual and modified from time to time. Franchisor assigns a copy of the manual to FRANCHISEE prior to the opening of the Centre`s website. FRANCHISEE treats the Manual confidentially and is responsible for any disclosure not authorized by FRANCHISEE or by any of the franchise partners, shareholders, contracting entities, directors, executives, employees, agents or other persons or entities that have access to it through franchises. FRANCHISOR requires its contracting entities, associated companies, shareholders, directors, executives, employees, representatives or any other person or entity with access to confidential information, knowledge or know-how, including, but without restriction, information contained in the FRANCHISOR manual, to execute an uncompetitive and secret agreement in a satisfactory form at its discretion for FRANCHISOR. D. FRANCHISEE has filed an application with FRANCHISOR to operate a children`s centre «R» kids (the «Centre») and is seeking a licence to operate a centre with commercial format, methods, specifications, standards, operational procedures, operational support, advertising services and common law and other licensed trademarks; and F. Payment for products purchased from FRANCHISOR. Payment for products, supplies, promotional materials and forms purchased by FRANCHISOR FRANCHISEE must be paid in cash (except for agreement with FRANCHISOR). (5) FRANCHISEE at the beginning of the new maturity pays FRANCHISOR, 10 per cent (10%) deductible fee Franchise fees at the time for new deductibles; and (1) manage and manage the centre within the system in accordance with the standards; Specifications, instructions and procedures, as described in the current manuals made available by FRANCHISEE.

FRANCHISEE acknowledges that franchisor has reserved the right to make changes to the system in accordance with Section 7, and FRANCHISEE agrees to be bound by the written notification of thirty (30) days to any changes that can be made below. Changes may include manual changes, store improvements, franchise procedures and system operational improvements, as well as revisions to management guidelines and product lines franchisor. C. In exchange. FRANCHISEE recognizes and accepts that the licensing and franchiSOR commitments and agreements contained in this franchise agreement constitute the only consideration for the payment of the original franchise fee. The original deductible fee is considered to be fully earned by FRANCHISOR, as noted above, and no part of this deductible will be refunded to AN FRANCHISEE, unless expressly provided here. (1) Execution of the franchise agreement.