Understanding Does Not Mean Agreement

The real problem arises when people try to apply this logic to subjective questions. For example, tell me that God exists. I`d tell you he`s not doing it. You explain why you think he does, but I still do not agree. I assure you that I understand why you believe in what you are doing — let`s say, for the emotional sense, that it is a mixture of a life of positive Christian influences and experiences and personality traits defined by loyalty and devotion mixed with a tenacious nature. However, they are not convinced; They are positive that I cannot understand if I do not agree. The moment when understanding is used in the same way as the agreement is the exact moment when there is no profit option, there can only be one winner and one loser. In some cases, two parties begin a relationship or discussion with this error. In other cases, it evolves along the way.

The result is the same, divide and get no page of what they need. People often interpret «I understand» as «I agree,» but they don`t think the same thing. It is perfectly normal to disagree. Differences in values often prevent agreement from being reached. But with the right attitude, it should always be possible to understand. People often wonder how the collaborative team is able to help outgoing couples work on their conflict. As a divorce coach working with trained collaborators and other professionals, I think one of the keys is to help people understand the power to understand (and often empathy) as an alternative to the power of coercion. Samuel (crazy): When I say it, it means I agree. I`m not going to say it. I guess that is what happened to you. Sometimes I disagree with some people and, increasingly, with some readers of my blogs.

First, people are hesitant to say that they understand something because they are afraid that it will be misinterpreted as an agreement. Indeed, people interpret it so badly. Confusion about the difference causes communication errors. Formula – examples of conversations, what others want when they say it, what they mean, in comparison. What you need. What you can do for yourself. I have tried to understand the impact of Western sanctions on the structure of global power. I understand that this could marginalize the United States. It could backfire on the United States.

If so, sanctions will make Putin stronger and no less weak. One of the reasons for not understanding is not knowing enough. Not enough information. So the person arguing with me criticizes that we do not agree because I do not understand and I do not understand, because I do not know enough, I cannot understand the facts. Or the story. Or the background. Another problem is that we think our own opinion is so right, that if your spouse really understood it, it would be inevitable that he or she would conclude that their own view is wrong.