Vw Service Plan Agreement

Our team will be happy to provide you with more information about our service plan options, please contact your nearest Volkswagen dealer to find out more. Avoid price increases over the life of the plan. Simple plans, so you have something less to think about. †Compense depending on the difference between a Buy 4 Service Plan (including MOT) and pay as you go VWCV Network prices for carriers at 16% or 151 euros. Minimum savings of 7% out of 31 euros based on a shopping cart with a Buy 2 service plan. Our offer of Volkswagen`s service and maintenance plans allows us to give your car the care it deserves while maintaining your affordable and consistent tracking costs. You can now purchase a service plan online or from your Volkswagen dealer on site. For cars less than 1 year old that have not yet had their first service. A Volkswagen service plan covers the first two consecutive services (1 x oil service and 1 x oil and inspection service) with the possibility of paying in advance or distributing them on 24 monthly payments.

If your car is less than a year old and you want to include all your tire maintenance and recovery work, you should consider a fixed maintenance plan. Heritage Volkswagen`s service plans offer the next two plans your car needs. There are options for cars less than a year old and cars over a year old. Available as monthly payment plans (or with the option to pay with a prepayment), you can budget your service in an affordable way that ensures security and avoids unwelcome service bills if you don`t expect them. This plan is for cars that have gone less than 10,000 miles and have not had their first service. Volkswagen`s service plans offer the next two regular services your car needs. For you, as a monthly payment or individual prepayment, financial flexibility can be guaranteed for each budget. This gives you both a rest and no surprise invoices during the duration of your Volkswagen service plan. With a service plan, you can enjoy a worry-free ride, because you know that all your routine services and planned maintenance work are covered.

Service plans can be cancelled and a full refund can be granted at any time for an administrative fee of USD 25 plus VAT. «Courtesy cars are booked in advance to ensure availability. Please include a written offer. Pulman service plans cannot be used in relation to other offerings.